Winter Pamper Evening

The Best-Ever Winter Tights To Keep You Cozy All Season Long

Winter Pamper Evening

The Best-Ever Winter Tights To Keep You Cozy All Season Long

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It’s a classic fashionista’s dilemma… is there any way that I can keep wearing my favourite skirts and dresses all winter long? (Canadian babes know this struggle all too well.) When the temperatures drop and the snow is falling, you are probably used to heaving a sigh and packing away your favourite clothes until Spring finally appears. Enough is enough! Finally, the perfect pair of winter tights have arrived!

Keep wearing your favourite skirts and dresses, and let it snow! With these knit patterned wool winter tights, you no longer have to choose between warmth and fashion. Now, you’re ready to step our in style for any winter activity.

In this post, we’re listing some suggestions for how to have the most fun outdoors this winter, and how to dress for every event!

winter tights

Walking at an outdoor market

Outdoor markets in the winter are such a fun activity! Pick up gifts for friends, eat some tasty treats, and mingle with the crowds. A perfect outfit for this activity would be some comfortable ankle booties for walking around, and a smart duffle coat, and winter tights–of course! Don’t forget a purse that has room to carry your sweet purchases!

Sitting at a bonfire

What a cozy activity to do with friends! Snuggle in under some blankets with a hot chocolate in one hand and s’mores in the other! Wear a parka over your winter tights in whatever colour you choose!


winter tights

This might just be the most romantic winter activity there is! Your cute figure skates are the staple of this #ootn, obviously. Complete the sweet look with your burgundy winter tights, a swirly skater skirt, and a trendy bomber jacket. While you’re turning pirouettes out on the ice, you’re sure to be turning heads, too!

See some ice sculptures

Take advantage of the weather to take in this unique art form! You’ll only have a few months a year to enjoy these beautiful creations. While strolling through the art, sport a figure-hugging wool trench coat over your black winter tights and low-heeled boots. You’ll be looking as picturesque as the sculptures!

Feed the birds

Get out of the hustle and bustle of the city and find a quiet wooded area with some well-worn trails. Wear sturdy boots with a warm lining and rubber soles, and your cozy parka, over top of your cozy winter tights. Bring along some small bags of sunflower sees and feed the birds. This peaceful activity is the perfect way to wind down and feel totally relaxed.

Go to a hockey game

The best thing about winter tights is that you can dress them up or dress them down–they even pair well with your favourite team’s jersey! Gone are the days of shivering in the cold of the hockey stadium. Now you can feel cozy the whole time while you’re cheering away for the home team!

Night on the town

Going for a night out with friends? You can still wear your favourite dress! Black winter tights will keep you warm and stylish the whole night long, looking and feeling confident and fabulous!

winter tights

What are your favourite winter activities, and how do you like to dress for them? We’d love to hear them!



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