5 Mistakes We All Make When Putting on Tights

5 Mistakes We All Make When Putting on Tights

5 Mistakes We All Make When Putting on Tights

5 Mistakes We All Make When Putting on Tights

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Don’t underestimate just HOW important it is to put on your tights properly. The way you put on your tights is crucial to protecting them!

Not putting your tights on with care could lead to an instant rip or run, which is usually not only heart wrenching, but a complete waste of a new pair of tights.

Save your new tights from disaster and read on.

Here are 5 mistakes we all probably make when we put on tights!

We don’t take off our jewelry

Before putting on your tights, It’s so important to remove any hand jewelry like rings and bracelets. Jewelry can easily get caught in a pair of nylon tights and cause an instant snag or tear.

We don’t mind our nails

Broken nails and unmanicured hands can also easily damage our tights. Be sure to file any broken nails before you put on your tights. I would also suggest you moisturize your hands so they’re as soft as can be.

We don’t take a seat

Before attempting to put on your tights, take a seat! I usually sit on the edge of my bed when it comes time to put them on to avoid losing my balance. Ultimately, standing will only make it harder to properly adjust your tights and will increase your chances of ripping them.

We don’t start with one foot at a time

When you put on your tights, you should gently slide one foot at a time into them. Trying to put both feet in at the same time will only increase your risk of damaging them and will be harder for you to properly adjust them.

We don’t take our time

You can’t rush through putting on a pair of tights. Take your time to put them on gently and to properly adjust them, so you’ll be as comfortable as possible throughout the day. It’s the only way to get them on properly and to make sure they last.

Do you make any of these mistakes when putting on your tights?



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