Halloween tights

5 Ways to Wear Tights for Halloween

Halloween tights

5 Ways to Wear Tights for Halloween

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It’s time to start planning your Halloween costume and as usual I plan to DIY my own. Instead of spending money on a full costume that I will likely never wear again, I like to use items I already have in my closet and then complete my Halloween look with make-up and a few key accessories.

There are hundreds of Halloween costumes to choose from, so working with what you already own is a great way to make a final selection. A perfect way to begin planning your costume is to start with a pair of tights, and build your costume from there.

If you’re in need of some inspiration, I have some ideas to get you started.

Here are 5 ways to wear tights for Halloween to DIY a great costume without breaking the bank!

Red tights

Halloween tights

Take a cue from Alessandra Ambrosio and dress up like a Devil this Halloween with a pair of red tights. Combine red tights with a pair of denim shorts and a red bodysuit for a red hot look. Complete your Halloween costume with some accessories like horns, a devil tail and a pitch fork.

Fishnet tights

Halloween tights

Dive into the 1920s this year and DIY your own Flapper halloween costume with a pair of faux fishnet tights and a cocktail dress. Wear any dress that you have in your closet, even if it’s just a little black dress, and layer on the accessories. Wear a pearl necklace, headpiece, red lipstick and a killer pair of heels and your outfit is complete.

Heart tights

Halloween tights

The Queen of Hearts is the classic villain from Alice in Wonderland and there’s so many ways to reimagine this character. The key is to stick to the classic colour combination of red, white and black, and make sure a heart print is clearly visible. You can wear our heart print tights with a red skirt and black top to create your own DIY Queen of Hearts Halloween costume. Complete your costume with accessories such as a crown and a heart scepter. You can also draw some hearts around your eyes with an eyeliner.

Over-the-knee tights with faux lace

Halloween tights

Put together a traditional witch costume with our over-the-knee tights with faux lace. Combine them with a flared black dress and then go heavy on the make-up and accessories to complete your look. Opt for black lipstick, tease your hair and don’t forget a witch hat and broomstick to finish off your Halloween look.

Cat tights

Halloween tights

A spooky black cat is another classic halloween costume that you can’t go wrong with. Our black opaque cat tights are the perfect item to complete your spooky cat look. Wear a black bodysuit with black shorts and complete your look with cat makeup and accessories, and you’ll be all set for the occasion.

What will you be for halloween this year?

Tag us in your photos on Instagram if you decide to create one of these tights-based looks!

Happy Halloween!



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