3 Holiday DIY Ideas

3 Holiday DIY Ideas

3 Holiday DIY Ideas

3 Holiday DIY Ideas

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The Holidays can take a toll on both our wallets and our planet. That’s because we consume more and spend more to make the ones we love happy. With that in mind, why not save a few pennies and help the planet by creating things ourselves and with items we already own this Holiday season? 

If you have used tights, you’re in luck because there are tons of ways to reuse them to create something magical this season. To decorate your home or to help you spread a little holiday joy, there’s a DIY here for you! Ready to get inspired?

Here are 3 ways to reuse your tights this Holiday season!

1. Gift Tags

What you’ll need:
-Hot Glue

DIY some gift tags this season and add a personal touch to all your holiday gifts. Start by finding a piece of cardboard and cut it into the shape you desire for your gift tags. I used my Rachel subscription box and I was able to make enough tags for all of my gifts! Be creative and cut the tags into any shape you like and make sure to leave space at the top where you can make a small hole to tie a string. 

Then, cut your tights into a piece about an inch larger than the tag you created. Fold the extra piece on the back and make sure you pull on the tights a bit so it stretches the design on the front. Glue the fabric and voila!

2. Candles Holders

What you’ll need:
-Empty mason jar
-Tealight candles

Candles are ideal to add ambiance to your home and can also be very therapeutic, which is why I highly suggest you light up this holiday season! Create a holiday-inspired candle without breaking the bank by using a mason jar and your tights. 

All you have to do is cut your tights into a square and stretch them around the mason jar. Add a Tealight in the jar and you‘ve got a cute and unique holiday themed candle.

3. Christmas Tree

What you’ll need:
-Poster or construction paper
-Hot glue or stapler

Finally, be sure to complete your holiday decor with a DIY Christmas tree. Use a thick piece of paper and cut it into a rectangle. Next, roll the paper to create a cone (kind of like a birthday hat) and leave a little hole at the top, so you can pull your tights through it. 

Once you got your shape, glue it tight together and make sure it is solid. Next, take a piece of your tights and pull it from inside through the hole at the top of the cone. Then carefully, pull it down so it covers the outside of the cone. The tights will wrap itself around the shape and secure itself at the bottom so you do not need any glue.

What are your favourite holiday DIYs?

Marie-Jade is a content creator who loves to mix sustainability with fashion. When she isn’t creating or doing a new DIY project, she’s likely out thrift shopping!

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