How to fix a Snag in your Tights in 3 Easy Steps

How to fix a Snag in your Tights in 3 Easy Steps

I hate runs and snags in my tights as much as you do, and I do my best to try and avoid them. There’s nothing worse than wearing a killer tights and skirt combination, only to eventually look down and...

Leg warmers

4 Ways to Wear Leg Warmers for Fall

Leg warmers were originally designed for athletes to keep them warm and luckily, they later became a fashion accessory for all of us to benefit from on the daily, as well! Though they might remind you of the 80’s, this...

Wear Tights

5 Reasons to Wear Tights this Fall

Fall is synonymous with a lot of things: pumpkin spice lattes, sweater weather, bright coloured leaves, and of course, tights. Fall is without a doubt the best season to wear tights and the time of year I look forward to...


9 of the Best Instagrams of September

Remember how excited you were for September? Well, the month has come and gone, and it offered no shortage of exciting news and Instagram worthy photographs! From fashion announcements, to noteworthy looks, it all went down on Instagram this month...

fashion socks

Tips to follow for styling fashion socks

There’s a major trend happening right now and it involves a very little and affordable accessory: fashion socks. It was previously quite a niche fashion look, but this season were finding socks peaking through sneakers, matched with mules and fully...

Over-the-knee tights

This is how you wear over-the-knee tights for fall 2017

My best-selling over-the-knee tights have long been a fall wardrobe staple. For fall 2017, they’ve received a modern update thanks to trendy embellishments such as lace and everyone’s favourite pattern, polka dots. Fall is hands down my favourite season because...

Gossip Girl

All of Blair Waldorf’s best Gossip Girl looks

Would you be believe me if I told you it’s been 10 YEARS since Gossip Girl first entered our lives? Well, believe it because it’s true! The hit teen drama premiered on the CW on September 19, 2007 – exactly...

How To Not Rip Your Tights

How To Not Rip Your Tights

It’s a beautiful fall day as you step out of your house in a killer autumn outfit: black booties, a chic mini skirt, your favourite leather jacket and of course, a pair of cool tights to save your skin from...

What tights should I wear to amp up my wardrobe?


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