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Why These Unique Tights Are THE Look For Fall 

unique tights

Why These Unique Tights Are THE Look For Fall 

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When it comes to autumn fashion, the season itself provides so much inspiration. The weather is the perfect middle ground between chilly and warm, and the change of the season encourages us to try experimentation and risk with our fashion choices! What better way to mirror the season than with a pair of new, unique tights?

In this post, we’re profiling our new Polka Dot Over-the-Knee tights, and explaining why they are the ultimate look for fall.

Time for a change 

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Without question, autumn is a season of change. From the colours of the leaves, to the length of the days, and the drop in the temperature, nature seems to say “It’s time to shake things up.”

So why not make a change for yourself? These unique tights are the perfect way to make a subtle change in your wardrobe that will have a big impact. 

By adding tights to an outfit, you can easily take the look from simple to sophisticated. It’s an easy change that is affordable and effortless. So why not make the change, and take your outfit to the next level? What are you waiting for? 

A perfect balance 

unique tights

Fall really is the perfect in-between when it comes to Canadian seasons. Although we’ve said goodbye to summer, autumn still brings sunny days and warm afternoons. But at the same time, there’s a crispness in the air that we love, before the true cold of winter comes to stay.

And just like autumn, polka dot over-the-knee tights are the best of both worlds. Let us explain…

Our over-the-knee style is already one of our most popular tights. It’s a beloved fall favourite that imitates cozy thigh-high socks, without adding extra weight to your outfit.

Polka dots are also one of our favourite styles in our catalogue! Delicate and sweet, this style is most popular during spring and summer, when flirty, cute styles are at their peak. 

But what happens when we bring these two patterns together…? 

It’s the perfect combination! These unique tights are the best of both worlds. The polka dot tops bring a flirty touch to your look, maintaining the styles of warmer days, while the over-the-knee pattern makes your outfit look cozy, creating the effect of layered-on fashion. It really is the ultimate autumn combination. 

Try these unique tights for yourself 

unique tights

Bring a change to your wardrobe, and experience the best of both worlds. Try these unique tights for yourself, and see how much better it feels to stand out from the crowd. 

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