Top Stylist Tips for Weekend Ready Style

Top Stylist Tips for Weekend Ready Style

Top Stylist Tips for Weekend Ready Style

Top Stylist Tips for Weekend Ready Style

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The weekend is finally here! I’ve only been waiting for it since, well, Monday, and I have tons of things on the agenda for Saturday and Sunday.

With an action-packed weekend, the last thing I want to worry about is my outfit. So, over the years I’ve mastered a few tricks to help me get and stay weekend-ready in a hurry.

Whether you want to look “off-duty” cool or Parisian chic for the weekend, these tips are sure to get you there.

Here are 4 tips to follow to master weekend-ready style easily and stress free!

1. Opt for basics

When it comes to putting an outfit together in a hurry, having your basics on hand is a must. My favourite basics, like a white blouse, jean skirt, leggings, and boyfriend blazer, are always readily available in my closet (aka not lost in my laundry pile or at the bottom of a drawer). Make sure your staples are easily accessible and you’ll be weekend-ready in no time.

2. Keep it simple

Keep your style simple (it’s the weekend after all) and opt for uncomplicated and easy outfit formulas that work with your plans. For a brunch with friends or to run errands, I often reach for an effortless t-shirt dress and tights, and complete my look with a topper like a denim or leather jacket. It’s a simple formula, but having it on hand is just what I need to get things done come the weekend.

3. Sneakers are you friend

Come the weekend, I need my outfit to be both stylish and functional! Fortunately, there are now tons of sneaker options that pair perfectly with tights and that are completely on trend, so you can still rock a stylish look in comfort. Choose a pair of solid black or white sneakers for a clean look that can take you through the weekend.

4. Layer up

Layering is key to create the perfect weekend ready look. In fact, rule of thumb is great outfits usually come in threes! I love the way a jacket can dress up or down a look, and it can easily come off if you need to alter your look throughout the day. To finish off your weekend looks, choose a lightweight topper like a denim jacket or a long vest.

What’s your favourite kind of weekend-ready look?




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