halloween costume

Use Tights To Create The Perfect Halloween Costume

halloween costume

Use Tights To Create The Perfect Halloween Costume

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Halloween is almost here! You know what that means: it’s time to start planning your halloween costume. But with so many halloween costume options available, it can be overwhelming to decide what to be. Luckily, there’s a way to make the process much simpler. A perfect way to begin planning is to start with a brilliant pair of tights, and build your costume from there. It’s a snap!

Here, we’re listing some ideas for how to use tights to create a head-turning halloween costume. Why not try one of these ideas to have the cutest costume at the party?



halloween costume

Let’s start with something super simple! This is the perfect instance to allow your tights to be the star of your outfit. Start with leopard tights. Then, all you need to do is find any other item of clothing with a leopard print, too (a mini dress would be super cute!) and do your makeup with orange and black colours. There are also plenty of beautiful leopard print makeup tutorials on YouTube if you’re looking to go the extra mile with this look!



halloween costume

Polka dots tights are a super cute addition to many outfits, but they can also serve as part of a cute puppy costume, in a pinch! Find an oversized white sweatshirt from a thrift store, and attach black felt circles all over for a cheap but cute costume!



halloween costume

We always thought the pattern on our blue triangles print tights reminded us of Ariel for some reason… this pattern is pretty convincing as a substitute for mermaid scales! Pair these tights with whatever blue or green clothing you feel comfortable in, and accessorize with seashell jewelry! Wear your hair in flowing waves to continue the look. Again, to go all out, look up a mermaid makeup tutorial to make the look feel extra special!



halloween costume

Mustard tights are just the right colour to emulate a powerful lion! The rest of the outfit is very simple – wear it with a tan or yellow dress. The key to this look is BIG hair! Tease out your locks or wear your natural curls freely to emulate a gorgeous mane.


Cheshire Cat

halloween costume

This mischievous character is spooky and fun at the same time. Find yourself a purple mini dress and wear our striped tights to create this halloween costume. This is another instance where a YouTube makeup tutorial can allow you to knock this look out of the park!


Grunge rocker chic

halloween costume

The key elements to this look are dark eye makeup, a worn leather or denim jacket, and grunge tights. It’s easy and fun, and will make you the coolest chick at the party.


80s aerobic dancer

halloween costumeFind yourself a set of hand weights and a leotard, put your hair up in a scrunchie, and put on some leg warmers, and this look is complete! Bring your own 80s workout music on a portable speaker, and you’ll really be the life of the party wearing this halloween costume!


Black cat

halloween costume

Is there any halloween costume more classic than a spooky black cat? This costume is very easy to make or find in stores, and you probably already own a pair of classic opaque black tights. You’ll be looking sleek and sexy in this costume. It’s a tried and true halloween look that you can return to again and again, year after year.


What will you be for halloween this year? Don’t forget to tag us in your photos if you decide to create one of these tights-based looks!


Happy Halloween!



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