All the Different Tights Styles to Know

All the Different Tights Styles to Know

All the Different Tights Styles to Know

All the Different Tights Styles to Know

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Black tights, yellow tights, tights with polka dots – the list goes on and on when it comes to the various types of tights styles that exist. But hey, who’s complaining?

While the multiple options can be confusing, it just goes to show there really is a pair of tights for all tastes and occasions.

To make sure you choose the right pair for your next outing or simply to perfectly compliment your new mini leather skirt, I’m here to decode the most important types of tights styles!

Below, I’m breaking down the all the types of tights to know into seven categories, so you can shop tights confidently and easily.

Consider this your foolproof tights bible! Here are all the different tights styles you need to know!

Black Opaque Tights

Simply put, opaque tights are thick and don’t allow your skin tone to appear through the fabric. They have a high denier, so they’re more sturdy and less prone to snag and tears. Black opaque tights are a closet essential and a basic foundation piece, especially for the colder months.

Black Sheer Tights

Sheer tights, on the other hand, have a lower denier, which allows your skin tone to shine through. They’re a great option for spring, as they’re more breathable, but they’re also more fragile and prone to snags than opaque tights. Either way, they’re a closet basic you always need in your wardrobe!

Patterned Tights

Patterned tights can have a small or large pattern that’s usually found throughout a pair of tights. A pair of polka dot tights, for example, fall in the patterned tights category, as do our tights with heart print and tights with triangle print. They’re another closet essential! They can help break up any all-black outfit and will add dimension to all your looks.

Coloured Tights

A pair of tights in a bright hue like mustard yellow or burgundy are a fun way to inject some colour into your wardrobe. You’ll easily be able to spot coloured tights. Don’t be afraid to wear them with other colours and prints.

Over-the-Knee Tights

As a bestseller, our over-the-knee tights need a category of their own! Opaque until the thigh and sheer the rest of the way up, these tights mimic a high-sock without all the extra layers. They’re fun and way trendy to complete all your looks.

Back Seam Tights

Back seam tights can provide an unexpected style twist to your looks with their sexy and feminine finish, and there are tons of iterations to choose from. From a zigzag back seam to our back heart seam tights, you should have at least one iteration of back seam tights in your closet to complete your evening looks.

Knitted Tights

Knitted tights are way thicker than your typical sheer nylon tights and instead come in materials like merino wool or cotton. They can be your best ally to beat the cold in the winter and allow you to vary your wardrobe during the colder months.

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