How Rachel Chooses the Best Style for your Subscription Box

How Rachel Chooses the Best Style for your Subscription Box

How Rachel Chooses the Best Style for your Subscription Box

How Rachel Chooses the Best Style for your Subscription Box

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I love my job as a personal stylist! Besides the fact that I’m surrounded by fabulous tights and other clothes on the daily, I get to meet different people everyday to talk to them about fashion and style.

Being a personal stylist is a two-way street. Ultimately, I can provide fashion advice to anyone, but to really provide a personal styling service, I need to talk with my clients and know their preferences and style. That means, I need you to do what I do best!

Thanks to our new style profile which has recently been updated, I get to chat with hundreds of subscribers daily, to better understand their style and choose the best products for their very specific subscription box.

A lot of thought goes into choosing the right products for your boxes.

Here’s how I chooses them according to your style for your subscription box!

I ask you important questions

When we chat as part of your style profile, I’ll ask you important questions about what you like and what type of occasions you need to dress for. Preferences such as your favourite colours and prints are considered, as are your everyday needs.

I know your style changes

As we grow and evolve, so does our style. The things you liked last year or even last season might have changed, as may has your daily habits such as your job. Our style profile is designed in such a way that you can come back and chat with me at any time. Be sure to visit often, so I can update your boxes accordingly.

I work according to your budget and needs

Besides tights, you can tell me if there are other products that fit your lifestyle like leg warmers, over-the-knee socks and more. You can also choose how often you want to receive your box, be it every month or just once every three months. Choose whatever works for your needs and lifestyle, and i’ll gladly tailor your box to them.

I choose products I already know you love

I’m constantly reaching out to subscribers for their take on what to include in our next collection, so you’re sure to love all our latest products. You also have the freedom to choose for yourself which tights you want to receive in your subscription box.

I’m always available

You never know when you might have a style fisco or simply need some fashion advice. That’s why you can reach me at anytime via Instagram, email, or Facebook messenger. Don’t be shy to ask me any questions!

There’s also a lot of other benefits to subscribing to our box service. You can exchange your tights for free, so long as they have not been worn and shop online anytime, and receive 10 percent off on leggings, gift cards and more.

Do you have any other questions about our subscription box service? Comment below to let me know or chat with me anytime!




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