Guys: Give Her the Perfect Gift This Year

Guys: Give Her the Perfect Gift This Year

Guys: Give Her the Perfect Gift This Year

Guys: Give Her the Perfect Gift This Year

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Ladies, if you’ve got a man in your life who always struggles to find a gift for you, send him the link to this post, and we’ll give him some hints to help him along…

Fellas, do you struggle to come up with gift ideas that are just right for your girlfriend, sister, mother, or best girl friend? We’re here to help, because we know the perfect gift for her.

5 Reasons to Give From Rachel This Christmas 

1. Show how well you know her

When you give her the gift of From Rachel, you’re giving her a gift that is uniquely catered to her style and tastes. When she receives her subscription gift card, the next step is for her to to fill out her personal style profile, so that each month, the box that arrives on her doorstep will be a perfect reflection of her. We do the work of curating each box, and you get the credit for giving a gift that shows exactly how will you know her taste!


2. Give the gift that keeps on giving

Since the subscription continues to arrive throughout the year, she’ll be reminded of your love each time a box arrives. It’s a gift for her that continues to remind her how much you care, every one month, two months, or three months, depending on what you choose!


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3. Give Her Flexibility

Another perk of giving From Rachel is the flexibility that comes along with it! Each time she receives a new subscription box, she has the freedom of free exchanges and returns if the items don’t suit her tastes absolutely perfectly.



4. Give Her Bonus Discounts

As a Rachel subscriber, she gets discounts on all purchases in the online store. She enjoys 10% off all Rachel products, so she can shop to her heart’s content. It makes this gift for her even more sweet!



5. Invite her to the in-crowd

When you give her a From Rachel subscription, you’re also inviting her to the Rachel family. She can share her looks and tag #FromRachel on social media, connect with other fashionistas and tights lovers, and give and share fashion tips by reading and commenting on Rachel’s blog.

So what are you waiting for? Download your From Rachel gift card today. It’s the perfect gift for her (and don’t worry, we won’t tell that you got the idea from us. We’ll let her think you came up with this brilliant idea all on your own!)  😉



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