Montreal Jewellery Designer Camille Ouellette on Creating for Rachel

Montreal Jewellery Designer Camille Ouellette on Creating for Rachel

Montreal Jewellery Designer Camille Ouellette on Creating for Rachel

Montreal Jewellery Designer Camille Ouellette on Creating for Rachel

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As someone who has created jewellery since being a young adult, it’s obvious that Camille Ouellette has always had a penchant for design.

An industrial design and sustainability graduate, Camille worked as a sustainability consultant after graduating only to launch her own jewellery business, Camillette, five years ago to serve as a creative outlet for her design needs.

“I guess Camillette is my creative part,” Camille explains. “I was doing sustainability consulting, but I still wanted to work on something else that was more creative.”

Her minimalist, yet creative designs were enough to get the attention of Rachel’s team and today, she is the sole maker behind our first and exclusive jewellery line: The Scappattela Collection.

I sat down with Camille at her atelier in Rosemont to talk about the behind-the-scenes of the collection and to learn all about her Montreal lifestyle!

1. How was working on this collaboration with Rachel?

Both of our brands mesh very well together, so for me it was easy to come up with ideas. I created something that was light, colourful and really summer inspired. It was so fun! I like to design and we instantly agreed on what we thought should be the final pieces of the collection.

2. What was your design process like for the Scapattella collection?

I often start with a Pinterest board that just includes pictures of moods and colours. I always like to take an idea that is completely out of context and just bring it to jewellery design. On my board for this collaboration, there were a lot of images and illustrations of fruit like oranges, peaches and mandarins, and I just thought that could work really well for this collection. That was the starting point and then I just started drawing, and moved on to making samples.

3. Are there any Montreal jewellery designers that inspire your work?

I must admit that in Montreal we have so many awesome jewellery designers. My office neighbours especially - Nina.Nanas and Pauze Atelier - they are doing such great pieces and there are just so many more I could name too. I think Montreal is known for having really great designers and the standards are high.

4. Fill in the blank: When I’m not designing jewellery, I am…

I like sports, so I often do Yoga, I go for a run or I’m often just commuting on my bike. I love the outdoors, so I’m not necessarily creating all the time. I just need to move my body and be in nature. Besides that, I’m often at art events throughout the city, there’s always so much going on in Montreal.

5. Now that you’re done the collection for Rachel, what are you working on?

Before I started this project, I was working on my new collection. The plan was to launch in June - I don’t think that’s going to happen - but it’s going well. My new website is ready to lau

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