5 Mistakes you’re Probably Making with your Tights

5 Mistakes you’re Probably Making with your Tights

5 Mistakes you’re Probably Making with your Tights

5 Mistakes you’re Probably Making with your Tights

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Tights are a wardrobe essential, but they’re also delicate and you need to care for them properly if you want them to last, as they should.

If your tights are constantly tearing, you probably have a few bad habits that are diminishing your tights lifespan. Don’t worry, we all have them!

Fortunately, there’s plenty a girl can do to save her tights from rips, runs and snags. They include minor changes that can make all the difference.

Here are 5 mistakes you’re most likely making with your tights and need to avoid!

1. You put them on too fast 

Unlike throwing a t-shirt on, the way you put your tights on requires special attention and care in order not to rip them. The best way to put them on is to grab a seat and to roll your tights around your toes, one foot at a time, before gentling pulling them up.

2. You don’t moisturize 

Any friction or rough materials can cause your tights to snag and that also includes rough skin. Moisturize your feet and hands before putting on your tights to avoid any disasters.

3. You don’t pay attention to jewelry

Jewelry can also turn out to be a culprit and cause a snag or tear in your tights. Pay attention to any jewelry you’re wearing, especially rings and bracelets, and be sure to remove them before you put your tights on.

4. You don’t wash them properly

If you’re throwing your tights in the wash with other clothes after one wear, they’re sure to rip! If possible, always hand wash your tights. If you’re putting them in the laundry, place them solo in a laundry bag.

5. You’re buying the wrong size 

A surefire way to rip your tights before ever leaving the house is to buy them too small! Make sure to always consult the size chart before purchasing a pair of tights, as it differs from your jean size. In between two sizes? Always opt for the bigger size!

Have you been making any of these mistakes with your tights?



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