Spice Up Your Wardrobe with TIGHTS

Spice Up Your Wardrobe with TIGHTS

Spice Up Your Wardrobe with TIGHTS

Spice Up Your Wardrobe with TIGHTS

Bring your clothes back to life 

If you’re feeling tired of your dated old closet, don’t worry, you can learn to love your clothes again! One of the best things about tights is how easily they can spice up your existing wardrobe staples. You don’t have to buy a whole closet’s worth of clothes to get a fresh, new look – just choose the perfect pair of tights to put together with your existing favourite pieces. Here, we’re listing our favourite ways to pair tights with items that you probably already own, so you can step out with confidence.



Every dainty lady has a pair of ballet flats. They’re comfortable and sweet, but if you wear your favourite pair a lot, they might start to feel boring over time. Small polka-dot tights are a perfect match for these sweet shoes. They keep with the dainty mood without overpowering the shoe, while still bringing some excitement and eye-catching attention to the look.

A great pair of tall boots are a must-have for winter and fall. We’re sure you’ve already got a pair – whether the style is a riding boot, Hunter boots, cowgirl boots, or even thigh-high boots. These large footwear pieces already take up a significant portion of your outfit, and can sometimes feel like they are serving more function than fashion when the days get cold. The perfect upgrade to the look it the Over-the-Knee tights. These one-piece tights create the false illusion of super high socks, or thigh-high stockings, without the risk of slipping down and being hidden under the top of the boot.

A necessary staple is a reliable pair of black heels. They are the perfect day-to-night shoe that you can wear from the office to the party. If you haven’t already tried the combo of ultra black opaque tights with a solid-coloured black pump, then definitely give this look a try. The combination of the opaque tights and the black shoe will elongate your legs, making you look taller and sleeker.


A t-shirt dress is already playful and fun, so why not amp-up this item with a bold legs look? Go for a bright bold colour, like orange or electric blue, to keep this look young and fresh.

Avoid looking too prim and proper in your button-up shirt dress by adding fishnet tights to your look. That’s right, we said fishnets! This combo is the perfect combination of flirty and refined. Try wearing your hair in a half-up ‘do to keep that balance consistent throughout your entire look.

A chunky sweater dress is obviously comfy and cozy, but it’s also true that this item can feel drab if not accessorized to the fullest. To balance out the thickness of the dress, choose delicate patterned tights. The result is equal parts dainty and comfy.

If you ever were in love with your clothes, it was love at first sight when you bought your little black dress. It’s your go-to wardrobe staple, and it’s already saved you from many a last minute fancy affair. This dress deserves some love. Opt for a pair of tights that will compliment your LBD without overpowering it. A pair of sheer tights with a classic black seam are the perfect bet – flattering and timeless. They’ll keep you looking pulled-together while allowing your dress to be the star of the show. Semi-opaque stay-ups are another great option for a dress that hits at the knee. You’ll feel cheeky and sexy in a look that is still totally refined. (To read more about the history of these classic hosiery styles, check out our blog post on The Fashionable History of Tights!)




A black leather jacket allows for almost endless outfit possibilities – it’s all about what direction you want to take your look. With a pair of stripey polka-dot tights, your outfit strikes the perfect balance between sweet and tough. With an animal print tights, you’ll give off a total rocker-chic vibe. You could even go for a solid-coloured pair of dark blue tights, and your outfit will be instantly streamlined for a cool, sleek look. Dare to experiment!

JACKETSA black blazer is a key item in any professional’s closet, or even those who don’t work in an office who like to look sharp. But at the risk of your outfit becoming a little bit stuffy, add patterned tights to the looks to keep it interesting. Lace tights are an understated option that keep your look professional while still being fun – ideal for an office setting, for example. For an evening event, dare to go for something more colourful, like blue, or a bolder pattern, like an animal print.

We’d go so far as to say that the trench coat is the most fashionable jacket style that a woman can own. It’s timeless – but that doesn’t mean you can’t still kick your look up a notch even further with the right tights-and-trench pairing. Blackberry is a beautiful colour to mix with the tan colour of your favourite trench. Imagine this look in the middle of autumn, as golden leaves are falling. We’re in love!

When we ask, “Do you love your clothes?”, you probably probably hardly think of your tired old parka as a wardrobe staple. But face it, we all have one in our closet that makes its yearly appearance. And yep, we dare to say it: tights can spice up even this boring wardrobe staple. Wearing a parka can make you feel completely covered up, without any room to show off your fashion sense. Fear not! To stay warm and fashionable at the same time, just slip on your favourite pair of tights, and then layer on a pair of over-the-knee socks. The combo of legwear pieces will ensure you don’t catch a chill, but you will be turning heads.


We hope these tips have helped you see your existing wardrobe in a brand new light! Don’t be afraid to mix things up, and show your old favourites some love, with the help of your best accessory – tights.





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