How to Take Care of your Legs in the Summer

How to Take Care of your Legs in the Summer

How to Take Care of your Legs in the Summer

How to Take Care of your Legs in the Summer

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Summer has finally arrived and with the sun back it's the perfect time to show off your legs! Whether on the beach, in the city or in the country, this is the ideal season to allow your legs to be your best asset.

Though the sun is out and soflty caressing your skin, that doesn’t mean your legs don’t deserve as much attention as during other seasons. On the contrary, taking care of your legs is essential throughout the year and especially during the summer.

Prepping your legs for the sun requires just a few easy steps.

Here are 4 steps to follow to take care of your legs in the summer!

1. Exfoliate

Exfoliating your legs is one of the most important steps. This step will allow you to eliminate the layer of dead cells on your skin, as well as prepare your skin for hair removal and leave it feeling soft and smooth. Personally, I love the body scrub by Be-U Cosmétiques, which is specially formulated to exfoliate, nourish and soften your skin thanks to its refreshing rose and lemon fragrance and essential oils.

2. Hair removal

After preparing your legs with your scrub, it's time for hair removal if you wish. There are several methods from shaving to waxing, so find the one that best works for you. Some techniques, if used incorrectly, can irritate your legs instead of leaving them silky smooth.

3. Moisturize

With the sun back, I hydrate my legs every day and this step is especially important after hair removal. I use At the Beach cream from Bath & Body Works, which smells like coconut and keeps my legs moisturized all day. Finally, when I want my legs to shimmer, I use Shimmer Body Oil, also from Bath & Body Works, composed of coconut and jojoba oil, which makes my legs soft and shiny without leaving any residue.

4. Protect your legs

When I spend my weekends in the sun perfecting my tan, I always think about using sunscreen to protect my legs (and everything else) from UV rays. For this, I use the Hawaiian Tropic Duo Defense SPF 30, which also protects against pollution thanks to its formula with green tea extracts.

Will you be taking care of your legs this summer?



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