3 Things to Look for When Shopping for Leggings

3 Things to Look for When Shopping for Leggings

3 Things to Look for When Shopping for Leggings

3 Things to Look for When Shopping for Leggings

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While there is no doubt that you DON’T have to sacrifice comfort for style when shopping for leggings, finding the appropriate pair can still be a challenge.

The right leggings can make all the difference between a workout you enjoy and one you might never consider again, which is why investing in stylish yet comfortable leggings is super important.

Still, we usually make the mistake of buying the wrong kind! We buy leggings that are cute, but not comfortable, stretchy, but not breathable, and so on. Stop making these mistakes and start shopping for leggings that will actually work for you.

Here’s what to look for when shopping for leggings!

Choose the right fabric

First, you want to pay extra attention to what fabric your leggings are made of. Choose a fabric that has plenty of stretch to allow you to move in whatever way you please. Also, make sure the fabric is breathable and of course, comfortable. Anything scratchy or rough will be a bother. While you're checking, why not make sure your leggings are made of an eco fabric too? Our Black Seamless Eco Leggings for example, are made with sustainable Q-Nova and Nycell fibres and a blend of elastane, so they are both comfortable and good for the planet! 

Find the right fit

Unlike your everyday wardrobe, you want your leggings to be tight and well-fitted. Loose fitting clothes can rub against your skin when you move and cause a rash. Not to mention, who needs to be pulling up their leggings from the waist after every step they take? Instead, opt for a slim-fit legging and double check that it’s the right size for you.

Consider your workouts

Finally, consider the type of workouts and activities you do most and shop for leggings that are appropriate. Fortunately, in most cases you can’t go wrong with a well-fitted legging for most activities. Complete your outfit with a fitted performance top and you’ll be ready to own your next workout!

What do you look for in a pair of leggings?



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