How to Pick the Perfect Date Outfit

How to Pick the Perfect Date Outfit

How to Pick the Perfect Date Outfit

How to Pick the Perfect Date Outfit

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You have a date and that’s way exciting, but also a little frightening and overwhelming, and OMG what are you going to wear?!

Don’t panic! Half the fun of date night is planning a date outfit and feeling really good about yourself before you leave, and that’s way easier than you might expect. In fact, it all comes down to a pretty simple wardrobe formula.

Weather you’re going on a first date or your hundredth, these easy rules will help you put together the perfect date outfit.

Here are 5 rules to follow to choose the perfect date outfit!

Location, location, location

You might be dying for an excuse to wear a sleeveless red dress you’ve been eyeing, but if your date is planning to take you to a sporting event, your outfit will be highly inappropriate. Be sure to coordinate a date outfit based on your date plans and choose something that’s right for the occasion. Well fitted jeans and a statement jacket can take you anywhere from a museum date to movie night.

Stick to your personal style

Stay true to your personal style and opt to wear pieces and trends you actually wear on the daily! The worst thing you can do is wear something you don’t feel like yourself in. Don’t be a trend victim, but instead choose simple items you love and complete your outfit with a few statement accessories like printed tights or statement earrings.

Comfort is key

It’s so important to feel comfortable on your date and to wear clothes that fit you properly. You don’t want to be slipping in heels that are too big on you or to be tugging at your clothes all night long because they don’t fall right. Instead, choose something you feel good in (physically and mentally) so you can give all your attention to your date.

Opt for one sexy item

You don’t want to look too over-the-top on your date, but a little bit of sex appeal is usually in order. My rule of thumb is to choose one sexy item and then to leave the rest to the imagination. Pair a more revealing shirt with a pair of jeans, or combine a fitted mini skirt with a top that provides more coverage. It’s all about balance and making the right statement.

Confidence first

Finally, there’s really no need to overthink your date outfit. If you can’t decide what to wear, reach for one of your favourite dresses or jeans that always make you feel good. You’ll feel confident in an outfit you already know and your date will be way impressed.

What’s your take on date night dressing? Let me know by commenting below.



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