How to Create a Head-to-Toe Look by Rachel

How to Create a Head-to-Toe Look by Rachel

How to Create a Head-to-Toe Look by Rachel

How to Create a Head-to-Toe Look by Rachel

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At Rachel, we have been working hard to expand our product selection to keep you satisfied, and for the first time ever, you can now create a head-to-toe outfit with Rachel’s sustainable essentials! 

That’s right - all your closet needs are about to be fulfilled! From your panties to your socks and tights, we can finally share with you how to create a complete outfit with items from our online store. Ready to shop the ultimate head-to-toe look? 

Here’s how to create a head-to-toe look by Rachel!

Step 1: Intimates 

Feeling good starts with your undergarments and that’s why we’ve searched high and low for the perfect intimates. Create your own cozy set with our ultra comfortable panties and our seamless bralette made from sustainable materials. This duo is the perfect base set to allow you to live in comfort all day long.

Step 2: Over-the-Knee Tights 

Next, count on our over-the-knee tights for a high-impact look. Choose from our many styles and find the one that speaks to you to create an outfit that’s true to your style. Stripes, polka dots, and heart prints are just a few of the variations you can shop to create your look. 

Step 3: The essential mini skirt

Rachel is excited to finally offer two essential mini skirt styles that are ideal to pair with your OTK tights. They provide plenty of stretch and are the perfect base piece for any style or look. Whether you want to dress casual or comfy chic, these skirts will have you covered. 

Step 4: Ribbed hoodie 

Speaking of comfortable, we also have the most comfortable top for you to complete your look. Our Ribbed Hoodie is soft, cozy, and as comfortable as it is stylish. When combined with our skirt and OTK tights, you’ll have a comfy chic look in no time. This top is so soft that once you put it on you won't dare to take it off.

Step 5: Socks 

Last but not least, finish your look with a pair of glitter socks. Whether you wear your tights with sneakers or ankle boots, it is important to wear socks over your tights to avoid any unwanted snags or tears. Plus, it's an extra layer to keep your feet warm and who doesn’t love a dash of glitter? 

How will you create a head-to-toe Rachel look?

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