interesting outfit idea

Earn Your Stripes As A True Fashionista

interesting outfit idea

Earn Your Stripes As A True Fashionista

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You like to push the envelope with your outfit choices. You love the feeling of heads turning when you walk into a room, and you can often be spotted picking up unique finds at all the hottest boutiques in town. You never shy away from an interesting outfit idea.

Or, maybe you just dream that you were bold enough to live that way, and are wishing to step up your fashion game.

Whatever the case, we’re here to encourage you to embrace your a unique style and try a little experimentation with your look!

It’s time to earn your stripes as a true fashionista, by testing out an envelope-pushing, interesting outfit idea (or several!) and a pair of over-the-knee striped tights. (And don’t worry, you don’t have to be extremely daring to try these looks… all you need is a little bit of confidence, and one or two pieces that might be just a little outside your norm. Go ahead, express yourself!)

Mixing patterns

Think that every outfit can only have one bold pattern? Think again. Dare to try a bold floral skirt with a delicate floral blouse. Your over-the-knee striped tights will bring the look together with a sophisticated touch to this interesting outfit idea.

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Oversized stripes

Big, wide stripes are super eye-catching, and don’t have to be super fancy. Try a comfy t-shirt style dress with fun wide stripes to pair with your over-the-knee striped tights. Chunky booties complete the look.


Stop shying away from bold and bright colours! It’s your time to shine… literally! Even just one neon item in a look (start with a purse or shoes to ease into this style, if you like). Since hot pink and black are a classic combo, try that pairing with your over-the-knee stripes.

Stripes tights web

A cape

Dress like the royalty you are. Pair your over-the-knee striped tights with whatever look you choose, and when you step outdoors, bundle up with style by throwing on a dramatic cape. Who stays staying warm can’t be a fashion statement?


Like with neon, a little goes a long way when it comes to metallics. Don any shiny item and you’ll instantly have all eyes on you. Silver, gold, or coloured… whatever metallic you go for, this look will get you on the fashion podium, for sure.


This oft-forgotten fabric brings a touch of refinement to your look. A velvet mini dress in a rich colour like maroon or royal blue would look perfectly dreamy with over the knee striped tights. Try it for yourself!

So what do you think? Which interesting outfit idea are you most likely to try? And do you have any ideas to add to this list? Get in touch with us on social media share your thoughts!

interesting outfit idea



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