The Top Colours to Wear in the Winter

The Top Colours to Wear in the Winter

The Top Colours to Wear in the Winter

The Top Colours to Wear in the Winter

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During the winter, we tend to exclusively wear dark colours, which can get really boring really fast. Black on black outfits with the occasional splash of grey can easily become our go-to when we lack inspiration.

While I don’t suggest you opt for a head-to-toe neon look this winter, there exists some top colours that you can easily incorporate into your wardrobe to add a little spring to your step. Colourful tights are an easy accessory to use to brighten up your looks and can easily be coordinated with dresses and skirts you already own.

I say, it’s time to illuminate your winter looks and break away from black to embrace some cool new shades! In need of some inspiration?

Here are 4 hit colours that will allow you to brighten up your winter wardrobe!


Less festive than your typical red, burgundy is an easy colour to incorporate into your winter wardrobe. This colour pairs well with various prints and other dark hues. Trade your black tights for burgundy ones and you can instantly brighten up your looks. Alternatively, you can also complete your looks with burgundy leg warmers for a pop of colour.

Mustard Yellow

Mustard yellow is winter’s answer to this summer hue, which we all love. I like to inject this colour into my winter wardrobe with mustard yellow boot cuffs or tights. Their small accessories that pack a big punch and that pair well with denim pieces, leggings and dark dresses.

The Top Colours to Wear in the Winter

 Navy blue

Navy blue is reminiscent of black, but the subtle difference can easily brighten of your wardrobe. Wear navy tights with bold prints and complimentary colours like grey and beige this winter for a look that’s simple, yet different. In case you were wondering – yes, you can wear navy with black!


Plum is another beautiful, yet subtle colour to incorporate into your winter looks. Plum tights and even plum thigh-high socks easily complement other colours or blend well with neutrals like black and grey. Be chic and trendy and wear plum thigh-high socks over a pair of printed sheer tights. 

Which colours do you like to wear in the winter?



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