5 (Good) Reasons to Give a Box From Rachel this Christmas

5 (Good) Reasons to Give a Box From Rachel this Christmas

5 (Good) Reasons to Give a Box From Rachel this Christmas

5 (Good) Reasons to Give a Box From Rachel this Christmas

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“Are tights really a good Christmas gift?!” Well… yes! Because with Rachel’s help, you’re giving more than just tights – you’re offering a unique experience to the girl(s) you want to cherish!

Offering a subscription From Rachel is not like buying tights. We are offering the opportunity to out-shine Santa Claus this year, with our exclusive gift card. It’s super easy: you chose the length and the frequency of the subscription you wish to offer, and we take care of everything else! Once she completes her profile, we will send her an exclusive selection of stylish tights to suit her personal tastes. She will love it! In other words: 3 clicks, and you cover her with presents for months on end.

Still skeptical? Whether it is for your friend, girlfriend, sister, mum, or cousin… We have listed 5 typical situations that you will probably fit into, and to which From Rachel is the solution.

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  1. You are looking for an original and unique gift

Holidays and Christmas are coming, but you really don’t know what to give to her. You could always buy a basket of perfumes and bath salt, but let’s face it, you already gave that gift last year – and what if she doesn’t have a bathtub? By offering her a membership to From Rachel, your gift is sure to stand out from everything else she receives. And she’ll remember that.


  1. You want to make her happy, but you are not sure about her tastes

You don’t know her clothing size (and we all know that’s not something to ask a lady!), or not sure you know her tastes? With a From Rachel gift card, the only decision you have to make is the length of the subscription you want to give her. Then, we take care of everything. She fills her online profile, with her measurements and tastes. Then, we send her a selection of tights she’ll love, directly to her mailbox!


  1. You just can’t stand Holidays and Christmas shopping

Crowded malls, Christmas songs, kids’ screams, fake Santa Clauses (come on, we all know that the real one is working hard at the North Pole), never-ending line ups… Thanks, but no thanks! With shopping online, you don’t waste your time. 3 clicks on our online store, and ta-da! “Your order has been placed!” A gift card From Rachel is sent to you, or to her. That’s it.


  1. You have a tight budget

Your brother, your aunts, uncle Michael, your parents, your sister-in-law, your little cousins… Making sure that everyone has a gift can be stressful for you and your credit card! We give you the opportunity to buy a gift that fits your budget, by allowing you to choose the length of the membership you want to purchase. When you think about it: if you give a 3 months’ subscription, it’s like giving her 3 gifts, don’t you think?


  1. You wish your girlfriend was wearing more tights

You think she is sexy in her tights? We do too! You don’t dare to offer her some pairs? We do! A gift card From Rachel is a good compromise, you can be sure that she will adopt this stylish accessory, for her (and your) own pleasure!


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