5 Colours to Add to Your Fall Wardrobe

5 Colours to Add to Your Fall Wardrobe

5 Colours to Add to Your Fall Wardrobe

5 Colours to Add to Your Fall Wardrobe

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Oh, the colours of Fall!! They make us feel all types of ways; cozy, warm and most of all, stylish. When planning your seasonal wardrobe, you’ll want to consider more than just materials and patterns, but colours as well.

Most Fall hues are inspired by nature, which means they compliment each other really well. You probably even already have these colours hanging in your closet and are just in need of some style inspiration to help you put the right outfit together.

Here are 5 colours to add to your wardrobe this Fall!

1. Green

A good shade of green will make a statement, but in a very classy way. My personal favourite hues are olive green, evergreen and teal. A silk-like blouse and skirt can be worn formally, but can also easily transition to casual wear when you add a cardigan.

2. Meerkat Brown

This beautiful toasty orange brown is certainly the colour of the season. We saw it quite a bit on the runways and now it’s on the racks of the most popular fashion retailers. From boots to jackets Meerkat brown is a colour you won’t regret putting on.

3. Chocolate Brown

It’s a classic and we all love it. Chocolate brown is flattering on just about anyone and its neutrality really makes styling an outfit effortless. Change up your look, by pairing matching accessories in this colour.

4. Burgundy

This is my all-time favourite colour because it exudes confidence and class. Since burgundy is more subtle than red, it can be worn monochromatically or as a statement piece. During Fall, I’m constantly reaching for my burgundy beret to add a little something to my neutral outfits.

5. Beige

You might think that beige is only for Spring and Summer, but the runways this year have shown otherwise. As a simplistic dresser, I love to wear a bit of beige in every outfit. Unlike your crisp whites, beige is a safe colour if you want to wear something in a lighter hue.

Which colour will you be wearing the most this Fall?



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