4 Morning Yoga Poses to Start your Day

4 Morning Yoga Poses to Start your Day

4 Morning Yoga Poses to Start your Day

4 Morning Yoga Poses to Start your Day

To keep fit and manage my busy days in style, I practice a morning yoga routine to slowly wake up my body and start my day on the right foot. Some coffee is also usually at hand (let’s be real).

Yoga is beneficial in several ways for the body and for the mind. It helps your flexibility, teaches you to control your breathing, reduces stress and more.

I’ve been way happier and relaxed since I adopted this new routine and that's why I decided it’s time to share it with you. Are you ready for a challenge?

Here are 4 yoga positions to try to start your day!

A few starter tips to begin:

  • Use a yoga mat
  • Wear comfortable clothes
  • Practice in a quiet place
  • Hold each position for 15 to 20 breaths

1. Sukhasana

Sitting with your legs crossed, keep your chest and back straight. Then, gently stretch by applying a light pressure on your head with the opposite hand.

2. Downward Dog

Place your palms and your feet on the ground. Then raise your hips so that your body forms a V. Keep your back straight, as well as your hands and legs. You’ll feel a slight tension in your legs.

3. Cobra

Lie on your stomach and rest on your palms. Next, lift your chest straight while keeping your pelvis on the ground, and look up.

4. Meditate

Sit cross-legged, join hands, close your eyes, and take a few minutes to meditate, and empty your mind of any thoughts.

That's it! You're now physically and mentally ready for your day and to face any challenges!

Will you have a yoga session tomorrow morning?



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