10 Tights Shopping Rules to Follow

10 Tights Shopping Rules to Follow

10 Tights Shopping Rules to Follow

10 Tights Shopping Rules to Follow

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There’s a pair of tights for every dress and skirt you can think of, but before you put them on, there are a few rules you might want to consider.

In order to save your tights from rips and snags, as well as yourself from a fashion disaster, embrace these 10 rules like a true style star.

1. Invest in quality tights

If you’re going to wear tights, you want to be sure to start with a pair that are good quality. Ensure you’re buying quality tights by checking where they are manufactured (Hint: Italy is known as a tights specialist). Tights with reinforced toes are also a bonus.

2. Buy the right size

Size is most important when shopping for a pair of tights so be sure to always consult a company’s size chart before purchasing a pair. As a rule of thumb, if you fall between two sizes you should opt for the larger size as you’ll be more comfortable and your tights will be less likely to snag or tear.

3. Know the difference between opaque and sheer

The opacity of your tights depends on their denier (DEN). The higher the DEN, the thicker and more opaque your tights will be, while the lower it is the more sheer and fragile they will be. The kind you pick up will depend on the season, so shop smart and know the difference between opaque and sheer.

4. Care for your tights

Bottom line, tights are a delicate wardrobe staple so you have to care for them if you want them to last. That includes washing them the right way, putting them on properly, and avoiding friction. Hand-washing tights is highly suggested and being cautious of jewelry is also a smart move.

5. Do wear patterned tights

Black sheer and opaque tights might be wardrobe must-haves, but not playing with other tights styles would be a mistake! Tights featuring fun patterns and prints like polka dots, triangles and hearts can add major visual appeal to all your looks.

6. Tights can be casual and/or chic

Tights aren’t just a date night staple, but a fashion accessory that can be worn every day. Wear tights as part of your everyday looks by wearing them with chic sneakers and casual wear like denim skirts and shorts.

7. Footwear is more important than you think

Your footwear choice can completely transform your tights look. Don’t be afraid to play with various footwear styles to create fun outfit ideas. Tights often pair well with everything from booties and loafers to chic sneakers, and yes, even sandals.

8. Do play with colour

A pair of tights in a fun hue is the perfect way to add some colour to your looks. Tights in burgundy is always a Fall colour favorite, while mustard yellow tights can also be an easy colour to incorporate into your wardrobe.

9. Always have a pair on hand

Tights is the one fashion accessory you always need, so make sure to always have a pair on hand. Everyone should have a pair of quality black and patterned tights in their drawer that is ready to go!

10. Store them properly

The final rule every tights lover should follow is to store tights properly. Fold your tights in thirds or roll them up to neatly store them and keep them away from rough materials. This will help your tights last as long as possible and will keep them easily accessible for those busy days.

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